New Name and Logo for Fairlawn Sewer Authority

The Pulaski County Sewerage Authority, which provides sewer service in the Fairlawn area of the county has announced that it will begin doing business as Fairlawn Sewer Authority. The authority will still keep the official name, Pulaski County Sewerage Authority, and the organization’s structure will remain the same, but the new “Doing Business As” name will be prominent on all the new mailings and materials.

The sewer authority's Board of Director's Chairman, Dennis Setliff said, "Fairlawn Sewer Authority was chosen because it most simply and accurately reflects our service and our service area. We asked in a survey to our customers last year about the possible name change and a clear majority agreed."

Setliff went on to say that the new name also helps to reduce the confusion between the Pulaski County Sewerage Authority (PCSA), which specializes in providing sewer service in the Fairlawn area, from the Pulaski County Public Service Authority (PSA) which provides water, sewer, and trash service in most of the county, and water and trash service only in Fairlawn.

"The new name also helps us retain and emphasize the authority's independence and proud heritage of being a part of the Fairlawn community for over 50 years," Setliff added.

With the new name comes a new logo, which features symbols of the river and hills that are prominent parts of the Fairlawn community. James Harman of Pulaski designed the new logo.

Setliff said the authority will be incorporating the new name into their published materials gradually throughout this year. “To reduce the cost of the transition, we will use our current inventory of invoices with the PCSA name until they are all used up, which will be in a few months. Then the new batch of bills will come with the new name and an enhanced look to make them easier to read and understand.”

With the new name, the sewer authority is also changing the name of its website to

Also new this year, the Fairlawn Sewer Authority will allow customers to receive their monthly bill by email instead of through a card that arrives in the mail. Customers may make that request at the Fairlawn Sewer Authority website.