Monthly Rate Structure

Residental Sewer $24.00
Base rate includes 1,000 gallons of usage; thereafter per 1,000 gallons $3.00
Commercial Sewer $25.30
Additional per 1,000 gallons or portion thereof $6.00
Non-user fee $13.00

Non-User Fee

The non-user fee will apply to all developed property with structures that are within 300 feet of a public sewer line and are not connected to the public sewer line.

Late Payment

This penalty is applied each month and is cumulative. If a user is making payments to clear a delinquent account, the penalty may be waived for a period not to exceed three months.

Residential 10% of amount due
Commercial Sewer 15% of amount due
Insufficent Funds $25.00

Connection Fee Structure

Installation costs are not included within the connection fees.


Such connection fees and monthly charges not specified herein shall be on such rate as the Pulaski County Sewerage Authority shall impose.

Commercial Accounts With Grease Traps

Reports shall be submitted twice per year and are due on February 1st and August 1st.

Reports submitted after February 1st $25.00

Each additional month that reports are late, the late payment fee will be doubled.

March 1st $50.00
April 1st $100.00
May 1st $200.00
June 1st $400.00
July 1st $800.00

The late fee will continue to be doubled as shown until the reports have been correctly submitted. Reports that are initially due on August 1 of each year will be calculated as per the above. The late fees for previous reporting periods will be in addition to the late fee for the current submission period. All payments submitted for accounts that are subjected to the above fee structure will be credited against the accumulated late fees first in lieu of against the base bill