Fairlawn Bookkeeping & Tax

The service was concurrently started with the formation of the Fairlawn Sewer Authority during the mid 1960’s. The business activities, originally know as Fairlawn Bookkeeping Service, began with generation of the monthly billing and collection of payments along with the general accounting of those activities. Also included within the core activities is the record development and retention as required to support and document the Fairlawn Sewer Authority Board activities, decisions and plans.

Ms. Cecile Stultz formed the business unit and ran the day to day operations until 1977 when she was joined by Ms. Judy Haines. They supported the business together until 1992 at which time Ms. Haines began a new business and expanded the service to include private tax preparation. At that time, the business was renamed Fairlawn Bookkeeping and Tax Service. Ms. Haines benefits with support from her son, William, within the day to day transactions.

At current levels, the service generates annualized billing nearing 10,000 occurrences on behalf of the Fairlawn Sewer Authority. For the collection side of the service, an annualized business level exceeds 16,000 collections on behalf of the Fairlawn Sewer Authority and the Pulaski County Public Service Authority is the norm.

Another portion of the general accounting services is a requirement to have an annual third party audit performed. You will find several of the most recent audits provided within the Authority’s home page.

For fifty years, the services have provided vital support to the Board but also to our clients as they maintain a location within Fairlawn for those customers desiring first hand interaction. Their support is vital to the on-going ability to provide 24/7 service to our customer base.

Contact Information

Judy Haines

Office Hours: Monday - Friday 9:00am - 5:00pm

7436 Peppers Ferry Blvd, Fairlawn, VA 24141

Phone: (540) 639-6926

Fax Number: (540) 639-6926

TollFree: (800) 275-8777